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Wide Red Belt

She wears a wide red belt, designed to accentuate the hips she doesn’t have, over an Eighties style black dress, the hula-hoop neckline showing half a shoulder of oakish skin adorned with strands of straightened hair. It drips from her awkwardly positioned head, a vision of mock coyness, splattered with a sickening amount of calculated mystery. Grabbing a low hanging branch, she keeps the angle of her neck and slowly thrusts her pelvis forward, inching her back closer to the ground – her skeletal figure poised to be penetrated by an imaginary tree-shaped penis for the sole pleasure of my camera lens.

My assistant begins to pack away my equipment and my mind has already wandered home to the ghost of my wife, slinking hollow footsteps to an empty bedroom. My half of the pleasantries exchanged on the way back to the girl’s make-shift dressing room are cookie-cutter compliments and promises, but still her face bubbles at my words with no hint of casualness.

I call his house for the third time this week. This time though, the ringing stops. The spotlight thrust upon me, my infinitely rehearsed monologue flees. Unfortunately, just not through my mouth.

“Look, we’ve had enough of this.”

I try not to breathe.

“She’s tried to be nice but I’m tired of it. If you don’t stop, we’ll get the police involved, understand?”

I hang up.

Already disgusted in the knowledge of what will follow, I go back to the model’s dressing room and knock her door.

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