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Timmy the Minstrel’s imaginary polar bear buddy Gary sang the next line of the melody to him, “The Princess stranded in the tower, the base of which is burning”.
They both agreed that the story was building to an epic ending, the audience would be gripped with excitement when Timmy performed this one. When it’s finished of course.
Timmy played with the brim of his hat, readjusted the feather so it looked slightly different to the way all the other kids kept theirs, he was a trend setter, not a follower.
Gary clawed and nibbled gently at a particular spot on his paws where he was sure an imaginary insect had nestled itself amongst the hair.
“Gary,” timidly enquired Timmy, “D’you think just this once we could let the damsel die?”
“Not a chance.” a growl replied “We’ve discussed this before, the boy saves the girl, they fall in love. That’s how stories work. Now hush up whilst I figure out how we ought to get to the finish of this one.”
Gary continued gnawing at his paw, deep in thought.
A butterfly lilted past Timmy’s line of vision, just slightly out of arm’s reach. His mind was filled with images of butterflies being hunted, tortured and ultimately murdered.
“Hey!” shouted Timmy, in a moment of inspiration “What if we end it on a minor chord?”

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