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The Letting Go

When I was a kid I had this bright pink bouncy ball, for a while it was my favourite toy. I played with it by myself in the back yard, I couldn’t take it to school or in the streets because the other kids would laugh, assholes. Anyway, I don’t know if it was ‘cos I was alone when I played with it, but my ball had a personality. It was bright and made jokes, and when it catapulted off the wall it would suggest where to hurl it next. One day I was rolling it along the floor, trying to get it up the drain pipe and back out without falling into the crap in the drain, but without much luck. My pink bouncy ball was in a blue mood. It felt alone in the world because it only knew me. I kinda understood what it meant, I hadn’t been seeing a whole lot of the other kids and I could tell my mom was getting worried ‘cos I overheard her telling grandma so.

We decided to part company in the biggest possible way, my town was on a hill so I went to the top of the long road that was as far away from my house as I was allowed to go. Ball tightly in my palm, I pulled back and lobbed it hard as I could. The last I saw it’d jumped over a fence at twice its height. It was the pinnacle of our friendship.

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