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Korg DS-10

Since Christmas I’ve spent most of my time making an awful racket on the Korg DS-10 for the Nintendo DS, all the while making gleeful seal-like noises. The DS-10 is a surprisingly sophisticated emulation of the early Korg MS-10 synthesizer, and as far as I can figure out has been designed as a gateway drug to the real world of big boy synthesizers. It’s inevitable that once I raise the money to buy one of these sexy bits of kit that I shall become a basement dwelling fanatic, spending hours meticulously concocting tunes that strive to be placed amongst Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and The Pet Shop Boys. I’ve a feeling though that they’ll probably just end up sounding like sped up versions of once popular detective show theme tunes, with Murder, She Wrote being the bookies favourite to eventually convince me to top myself and move on to the next world as an undiscovered musical pioneer.

(I tried far too hard to force that absurd metaphor there.)

But until then I have the DS-10 and whilst the program soon shows you its limitations, the fun factor involved is undeniable. With any luck this will be the first in a long line of similar products to be released on the DS.

Below are some little songs of mine that I’ve uploaded to youtube under the moniker of my fake french house duo, Crow and Conkers. Check out the url if you really want more, but I’ve a feeling I’ll be uploading them here in the near future anyway.

The sound quality isn’t great on these uploads and I reckon that’s because the soundcard on this PC is wack, but trust me, it sounds absolutely banging with a good set of headphones lined straight into the DS.

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