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Snow at the River

He trampled down overgrown grass, stamping the strands underfoot into snow that came up to his heel. The last time he’d come down to the river his steps were bounds and his hands were kept warm by someone else’s instead of the snug-fitting thermo glove he wore today. His feet instinctively follow the old mud path hidden from sight, though not memory.

His creaking joints fought slow strides towards the bench that overlooked the river, much slower than the lover’s dance steps of decades previous.

A deep inhalation celebrating his victorious trek against the elements, he turns and carefully brushes the layer of snow from the bench before flattening the back of his overcoat against his legs and sitting on the ice coated wood.

He could recall the summer sun at the highest point of its arc, the reflection in the river blinding him no matter which direction he looked. It flickered and pounced at the pair as they swung their bare legs and feet from the bench, giggling and trying to catch flies in their palms, him failing miserably at it.

Through clouded breath indistinguishable from the mist floating over the water he spots sparks of history, nostalgia flushing warm thick veins.

And over the hour he sat there, the warmth and flow of blood was lost, like the footprints he left to the snowfall.

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