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Flicking through an A5 comic at one of the exhibitor’s tables, my sweating finger tips sticking to the pages of scratched black and white artwork.  Its not very warm in this hall, plenty of air is circulating but I’m still sweating and finding it difficult to concentrate on the book.  The creator’s chatting with a customer, her big lips and pretty eyes breaking my attention.  I continue forcing interest on the book, waiting for the customer to leave, then waiting a few moments longer, keeping it cool.


She blasts a Hey There! at me,

I…I’ll take these two, my hand gestures verging on frantic.

Brilliant!  If you get this one as well I can give you them for a fiver, as she points to another comic.

Ah, refuse an offer like that I cannot.  Fuck, I must sound like Yoda in a Ferrero Rocher advert.

Her smile falters as she hands me my change, I pocket it and the smell of another potential customer nosing at her books soon straightens that salesman smile out.

So, uh, you looking forward to seeing anything at the convention?

I won’t really get chance, I’m stuck behind this table, y’know, trying to worm my way into industry.


Hi, do you need any help there?

I take a swift peek at her cleavage and fidget down the corridor looking at the other wannabe artists.  At least it wasn’t as uncomfortable as yesterday with Bryan Talbot, he actually tried to engage me in conversation.

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