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Use the force, fight the power! Huh!

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Cold and hollow spheres roll the sky and sweep away the clouds. They’re heavy, throwing rain down onto my window in a sharp spiteful tone. I haven’t moved for over three hours my blood is starting to settle cold on the parts of my body in contact with the bed. Reminds me of a course I went to a few years ago; “Introduction to Criminology” at Sheffield University. No idea why I thought I’d be able to make it in the police force. Anyway we sat through a lecture one day; slides showing dead people at various stages of decay. If a corpse is left in one position without being drained, all its fluids settle to the bottom like the bits in orange juice or sediment in wine. A girl at the back started having a fit at one point, I’m not sure why. I’ve just compared myself to a corpse. Things must get better from hereon in. At least when my limbs are re-attached I’ll be able to get out there on the bike, do some swimming, sack the nurse who’s nails dig into my foreskin when she wanks me off. She should fucking cut them because last Thursday she drew blood and the only form of retaliation I had was spitting and she’d moved too far away, so I just ended up spitting on myself and that made everything seem worse. She’s about due actually, I should stop writing because my dribble is all over the keyboard.

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