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I’ve never made a New Year’s Resolution that didn’t run along the lines of “Owww, oh God, oh God, I’m never touching booze again”. I’m a great judge of my own ineptitude and understand that there’s no way I’ll be able to keep myself on task for some exercise in self-control or scheduling, I’m far too much of a flakey bastard for that.

Well that all changed on the murky-headed morning of this year’s January 1st.

While cooing at my hangover and soothing it with the first of the books in the lovely bound edition of The Complete Sherlock Holmes I got for Christmas, an idea came to me. What if I promised to read a book a week for the entirety of this coming year?

Surely this is a task that would prove me to be a worthwhile human? And a goal that I could very possibly complete to boot.

In fact, this was a task that would absolve me of any of the many wrong doings I would commit in the coming year.

“I’m sorry for calling you an immoral whore last night. What? I then proceeded to pinch your bottom and tell you I could be the Green Lantern, and you my sexy Power Ring? Well, I’m sorry for that too, but I did finish off the Hemingway that I’ve been reading this morning, so that’s more than atoned for it.”

Green Lantern's power comes completely from willpower...

Februarys just passed and by my count that makes 8 books I should’ve devoured, have I managed to keep on top of it?


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